Corporate Events

In C.T.Co, at least two corporate events are being held annually, the aim of which is to break the ice between the employees, acknowledge previous year’s accomplishments and set goals for the following years. A Christmas Party in the end of each year and a Sports Day in summer became the most favorite and anticipated entertainment times of the year for the employees. All C.T.Co employees are welcome to these parties togather with their families. Long before each event and after, people share the memories, get ready and discuss what they enjoyed the most.


Another yearly event which all the C.T.Co employees attend and discuss later on is a C.T.Co Town-Hall Meeting. During these meetings, company management gives everyone a possibility to analyze the performance, to remember the achievements and new heights conquered and set the new goals. Project managers and community leaders can also present some interesting materials for everyone to see. 

An old C.T.Co practice of choosing and awarding the Best Employees in various nominations is going on, but now the awards are granted during the Town-Hall as well. Every project or department manager nominates its candidates for the award and then the very best ones are chosen. Along with the Best Employees in professional (Software Development, Testing, Architecture, Project Management) fields, C.T.Co values its Best Novice and Care Excellence of the year.

Summer Fun Day

Every summer, it’s time when all the C.T.Co employees come together in some nice and picturesque place and have a Summer Fun Day with individual and team activities specifically organized, nature to enjoy, colleagues to meet and share food and drinks with. The competition among teams is usually pretty fierce, also because winners always receive nice prizes.

Christmas Party

In the end of each year, C.T.Co is organizing a Christmas party, inviting all the employees with their special someone’s in some fancy place like a restaurant or a night club, as long as there’s enough space, to look their best and enjoy a special program, great food (with a Corporate Cake!) and drinks. Various kinds of entertainment are always there like disco dancing, karaoke and games prepared by specially invited hosts. Sometimes the employees prepare their own shows like singing or salsa dancing. Latest three years, these Parties became themed and everyone is welcome to dress in the most creative carnival costumes – and receive prizes for the best ones.