Charity Projects

Whenever you go, there is always someone in need.  Successful companies which gain profit for their businesses are now realizing that they are those who can help.  So, since 2006 C.T.Co once started a nice and sincere Christmas tradition to share the warmth of our hearts with those who need it the most no matter if that is through donating toys, clothes or money, we strive to help others.  Everyone knows that children are our future; children suffer the most when everything goes wrong, and the majority of C.T.Co employees have children, so C.T.Co focuses on children while conducting their charity activities.

Lastadija Boarding School Playroom Renovation (2012)

In 2012, a great tradition of helping children was continued, and the employees were encouraged to continue participate in another warm-hearted charity project, making life of children better and much comfortable. Lastadija Boarding School in Riga is a home to around 70 children aged 7-12. C.T.Co was one of the many contributors to creation of a new playroom with a pleasant-looking design in nautical style, comfortable furniture, nice toys and engaging games. The company management offered to donate twice as much as the employees would collect, and fulfilled their promise.

A new playroom opened in September 2012 with a celebration concert, where both Lastadija Boarding School inhabitants and the invited actors took part.

Children Clinical Hospital in Riga – a contribution to renovation (2008-2009)

In 2008, an interesting poll was offered to C.T.Co employees: what do they prefer to spend money on: a Christmas Party of a Charity project with the Children Clinical Hospital? C.T.Co people have big hearts and the majority voted for Charity. The hospital rooms and all hospital sections were in bad condition. The best way to help the hospital was to make major overhaul in hospital rooms, hall or some sections, to provide furniture for visitors and hospital patients. 

Children Clinical Hospital's 22nd department was opened after renovation on April 17th, 2009. The Children Hospital team hosted a warm welcome to the C.T.Co representatives during the opening. With the donation, it was possible to redecorate and create a new corridor with pleasant surroundings and a new medical and patient room with more privacy and special atmosphere. Also, the department was specifically rebuilt to enable wheelchair and medical transportation access. New furniture was also delivered and installed.

Orphan Center “Teika” (2006-2007)

For the very first years, in 2006 and 2007, C.T.Co supported “Teika” Orphan center in Riga. Around 65 babies from 2 months and up to 5 years old were staying there. By placing transparent cans and encouraging the employees to donate money to there or to a specially created charity account, C.T.Co raised enough funds to purchase nappies, baby hygiene supplies, flannel fabric, as well as fruit and candy to treat the little Orphan Center inhabitants.  Lots of positive feedback and thanks were received then from the Center director and social workers.