Employees of similar positions get together to form professional communities. Meetings between the community members are held regularly for exchanging professional knowledge with the fellow colleagues, improving the processes and practices in the company and obtaining new ideas. Participation in such communities is voluntary, employees are naturally busy with their daily routine, but usually the most enthusiastic people still find a possibility to take part in such activities.


For those who share common interests or passions, communities provide a chance of exchanging ideas and thoughts about the given passion. Any people interested to join a community hobby, will easily find support and endless source of information right at the workplace. Company supports its employees by sponsoring some of the events in which the community members are willing to participate.

Alumni Community

C.T.Co Alumni Community is a community of company’s ex-employees, which main goal is to stay in touch with ex-employees in order to inform them about various events organized and/or supported by C.T.Co they can be interested in, as well as about news regarding our company and actual vacancies.