Developer Community

Software developers of different levels and different programming languages unite here.

Again, the most enthusiastic developers engage to share their knowledge, to learn from others and to improve development process in the company as such. They also take part in conferences and share the feedback.

In this community’s history, there have been numerous Social Coding events, and some more are planned to the future.

Testing Community

Testing Community of C.T.Co unites Testing Engineers of different levels.  Their motto is”If you find something that isn't right, speak up and then go and find the way how to fix it!”  This professional community is the largest and exists since 2011. 

The main goals for the “Testing Community” are:

  • Cross project knowledge sharing activities
  • Support of the test engineers, who joined the company recently
  • Tools & Related processes, methodologies investigation activities
  • Information exploration, publishing
  • Participation at conferences (local, international)

Business Analyst Community

Business Analyst (BA) community unites company’s Business Analysts. They discuss various issues and share their experience. Results of these are published in an internal community blog. Along with several workshops that this community hosted, several process improvements were initiated. Also, BA community discusses self-improvement in the field of business analysis, studying for certifications and obtaining them, visiting various subject conferences.

Photo Community

There are few better hobbies than photography; it is in fact a hobby that more and more people find to be very interesting. There are a few reasons for this but one of the main ones that it is so popular is that there is something for everybody. There are number of different aspects to photography which means that there is always something new that you can learn and different things that you can try, this will definitely keep you from being bored and probably boredom was one of the main reasons for the first C.T.Co Photo Meetup.

After the first Photo Meetup (held in April 2014) people were very active discussing possibilities of further similar events and the feedback was also very positive. That is why on August 22 (2014) second Photo Meetup was organized. This time C.T.Co photography enthusiasts headed out to Jurmala (Ragakāpa) where they spent a few hours enjoying great weather, communication with like-minded colleagues and great views of Jurmala beach and Gulf of Riga. All the photos taken during meetups are uploaded to specially created C.T.Co Photo Meetup Flickr account where everyone can view, comment and download all photos.

After the actual events Human Capital Development Department organized a special contest where all company’s employees could vote for one picture they liked the most and after the voting was over the author of the photo was rewarded with a special prize. This allowed engaging more people (even those who are not connected or interested in photography) and provided a lot of feedback about the efforts of the participants of Photo Meetup which is very important to them. Feedback allows photographers to understand what people like and dislike about their photos and decide how to use this in the future. At the moment we have a group of photography enthusiasts who form a Photo Community which organizes a photo trips, contests and photo parties from time to time. 

Volleyball Community

Beach volleyball is very democratic game. Although on a professional level it is played by two teams of two players these rules can be changed to involve more people in the game. This is exactly what usually happens when C.T.Co volleyball community participants gather together. Teams can include three or four or sometimes even five people so that everybody is involved in the game. Usually people appoint two “captains” (more skillful players) who pick players for their team one by one (just like back in school).

Similarly to indoor volleyball players have to master several basic skills: serving, passing, setting, attacking, blocking and digging. Despite the similarity of basic principles there are quite noticeable differences between beach and indoor volleyball. First of all it is playing surface - sand rather than hard court. Secondly the dimensions of the court are a bit smaller in beach volleyball – 16 by 8 meters instead of 18 by 9 meters. Another difference is in scoring system – best of 3 sets played to 21 (15 for a deciding set) rather than best of 5 to 25 as in indoor volleyball. Of course there are more small nuances but the basic principles of the game are similar.

Volleyball community unites people who are willing to spend their free time on a beach actively and not just laying around and getting tanned or reading a book. 

Anglers Community

Define themselves as Courageous knights who fight monstrous beasts of the lakes and rivers!

Angler's community unifies C.T.Co employees who consider fishing as their life style or passion and are devoted to spending many early and late weekend mornings and evenings on the lakes or rivers enjoying what they do and energizing from the nature. This angling community involves about 10 devoted professionals. Community has its own discussion group on Skype where all the updates, reviews and experience is shared and discussed. Needless to say, if there would be any more anglers within the company they are welcome to contact any of the members and join.

Alumni Community

C.T.Co Alumni Community is a community of company’s ex-employees, which main goal is to stay in touch with ex-employees in order to inform them about various events organized and/or supported by C.T.Co they can be interested in, as well as about news regarding our company and actual vacancies.

Among more than 400 IT field specialists who have worked in C.T.Co in the past there are a lot of Java Developers, Project Managers, Test Engineers, System Analysts and other specialists who are now working in different areas of IT industry in Latvia and abroad. Whether these are recent university graduates or top senior specialists C.T.Co would like to encourage them to remain engaged in all that our company has to offer as well as stay connected with each other.

As more and more hires of new employees are referred by existing or ex-company’s employees it is essential for Human Capital Development Department to manage Alumni Community work stream as a source of information about potential candidates. It also helps to develop and maintain positive company’s image which increases the response to the published vacancies and number of qualitative resumes as well as reduces time for a candidate search. That is why C.T.Co Alumni Community has been established.

We provide newest information about various IT events, bonus prices for IT events organized by C.T.Co partners, opportunity to visit new office building, news about Company, information about actual vacancies and membership in a closed Facebook and LinkedIn groups (for those members who have Facebook/LinkedIn accounts).

Attracting and retaining top talents is an increasingly difficult endeavour for human capital and talent management leadership. Alumni can be second best source for strategic talent acquisition after our own employees whether company is interested in rehires, referrals or contractors.