organizational structure

C.T.Co is a project-based organization. Each project has an assigned team. It combines professionals of various skills, for example, software developers, testers, analysts and project managers.

C.T.Co is also characterized by flat management structure meaning that it is not hierarchical and rigid but rather is organic, ever evolving and empowering.

C.T.Co is known to be a caring company and invests a lot of efforts in meeting staff needs and expectations. Based on diversity of cultures as well as variety of interests, company does its best to offer a wide range of activities that would be of interest to employees. There are many different communities established both professional and interest-based to allow employees to choose what they like the most. Among two yearly corporate events company also offers various activities and contests to engage employees in a social life of the company. On top of that company welcomes work-life balance and stimulates team work across all layers and projects.

Our key

Over 20 years experience in large-scale near shore agile development

Delivery track record of mission-critical applications for top global organizations

Mitigation of project risks through collaborative engagement approach

Stable and dedicated teams

Taking on the most challenging development projects for international clients


Success stories

Linda, Project Manager

In the end of 2010 I started my career in C.T.Co from Testing School as a Trainee Test Engineer...

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