08 November, 2021

C.T.Co Strava autumn challenge

These “November things” may be particularly tough – when the daytime is short and the weather whispers you to stay in bed, it may be especially difficult to keep our spirits up and stay focused. But the good news is that we know an effective cure for the autumn blues!
Being active (even just a little bit) is proven to help give you a boost and our employees know it well. A quick walk down the street, dancing around the kitchen or satisfying stretch in bed or a chair is all good pick-me-ups, but as always, our employees wanted more! 
During October-November, our C.T.Co Sports Club members have joined Strava Challenge with the main goal to accumulate at least 15 hours of being active outdoors. Look at all these beautiful places! How can you feel down after seeing such beauty? 
So, the cure for the autumn blues is simple as it could be – “Feeling down? Go for a walk!” – tested and approved by C.T.Co!