09 October, 2018

C.T.Co team wins Tapost Testing Hackathon 2018!

On October 2, 2018 our team participated in TAPOST testing hackathon (http://www.tapost.org/tapost-testing-hackathon/) that was happening in Latvian National Library. One of two teams that applied for this Test Automation coding competition from C.T.Co side consisted of two Senior Test Engineers and one Senior Software Developer.
Testing hackathon was organized as a competition between small groups of people to demonstrate ability to solve test automation tasks in a very limited time. Eight teams from different companies participated: C.T.Co, Evolution gaming, Accenture, Tieto, Neotech Dev and some others…

The hackathon started at 9:00. The organizers gave us the following task: “Build a testing framework for online store”. For the solution we concluded to have the following stack: Maven, Java 8, Selenium, Junit5, Appium, Docker.
The solution we called KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid, was mainly developed in 6 and a half hours with pizza break). Around 16:30 following best teams were selected by the judge team: Accenture, Neotech Dev, Evolution Gaming and C.T.Co. Around 17:00 we had to present our solution on a big screen to judges and all participants. The presentation itself had to last not longer than 5 minutes. After long discussions judges announced that C.T.Co team was selected as a winner of this Testathon race!

It was our second testing hackathon for our team. We participated in the first one last year in Lithuania. We think this is a great way to test your skills and hypotheses in practice as well as to compete with other teams. This is much more interesting than just listening to the conference. We hope that we will be able to prepare more teams from the C.T.Co next year and participate in other competitions.

As a winners, organizers of the Tapost gave us a slot to present our solution during the last day of the conference. We had around 20 minutes in overall with questions on the stage. And last and most interesting part was the beer tasting at the end of the conference!