18 February, 2018

Charity Food Fair (12.02.2018)

Last year we started a lovely tradition – Food Charity events. Some of our employees were baking, preparing tasty food and selling it to others. The collected money (1700 EUR) was transferred to help 5 children from Ziedot.lv!

Everyone just loved the idea and decided to continue this wonderful tradition and invite the employees to participate in it again. Some of us demonstrated their culinary excellence and some were able to taste great homemade food!

Another Food Charity Fair took place in our office on February 12th (Monday) and we did very good collecting 600 EUR and the money as donated to a particular Ziedot.lv project aimed to help a child: https://www.ziedot.lv/ru/podderzhka-arturu-vasilevichu-3018