29 September, 2017

Endomondo Summer Challenge 2017

Here at C.T.Co we have healthy, fit and active employees who loves challenges. Whether it is a difficult work-related task or a physical challenge. In the beginning of the summer we offered every C.T.Co employee to participate in an Endomondo Summer Challenges (#running, #walking and #cycling).

During three Summer months (June, July and August) our C.T.Co athletes ran, cycled and walked for a pretty impressive distances and we would like to congratulate the most active participants of three C.T.Co challenges:

Running: 1st place logged in 909.66 km; 2nd place – 777.07 km; 3rd place – 768.92 km.

Cycling: 1st place – 3217.92 km; 2nd place – 1808.39 km; 3rd place 1314.50 km.

Walking: 1st place – 1156.59 km; 2nd place – 907.86 km; 3rd place 856.31 km.

Congratulations to winners and huge thanks to all those who participated.