08 July, 2015

Latcraft (Mobile)

As you all may know yesterday’s Latcraft event was dedicated to mobile technologies. Here in C.T.Co we also love mobile and that is why three out of four speakers were representing our company.

Vasiliy P. from C.T.Co was sharing his experiences and even giving free tips about mobile app UI/UX development, tutorials, customer support and everything that is connected with production of a mobile application.
Jovche M. (from ask.fm) was talking about technical and organizational issues and mistakes done by the local brands during mobile product development, as well as the ways to avoid them.
Next speech from C.T.Co by Andrey P. was dedicated to wearables. Andrey told the audience about the history, current state and even about the future of wearables.
Another C.T.Co resident – Alexey B. dove a little deeper in tech stuff telling everybody about how great Android is. He also told a bit about his experience with different APIs for Android.

This was fun! Thanks to organizers, participants and speakers for the informative and interesting evening. See you around!