06 March, 2016

Riga Dev Day 2016

Riga Dev Day 2016 took place from 2nd until 4th March (2016) in Citadele Cinema. This conference was one of the largest software development conferences in Baltic States which brought together more than 500 participants and about 40 speakers who are the ultimate specialists in various IT areas. Two first days of the conference were dedicated to presentations which were divided into 5 streams (each stream was held in its own cinema hall). The last day of the conference was dedicated exclusively to workshops.

The whole idea of such a conference was born as a joint project by three developers’ user groups in Latvia (Google Developer Group Riga, Java User Group Latvia, Oracle User Group Latvia) who are responsible for large number of various events for IT professionals as well as Java Day Riga 2011-2013 conferences which are the straight ancestors of Riga Dev Day event. As all of the organizers come straight from the trenches of the industry they were able to provide high-quality agenda which included over 40 most relevant topics and technologies.