Success stories

Linda, Project Manager

In the end of 2010 I started my career in C.T.Co from Testing School as a Trainee Test Engineer.  Few month later my probation period was closed and I became a full time-employee. It was not easy, but very interesting trip of learning, acquiring new technologies and new knowledge necessary for working in C.T.Co.

My experience shows, that our company is a great place to start building the career and continue to build it, since each and every employee is valued, therefore everyone has a possibility to grow (if he or she wants it). Only  a few months ago I have changed my professional title and responsibilities from Lead Test Engineer to a Project Manager. For sure, it was not easy to approach this goal, but it was my goal in the past, and I worked hard to reach it. 

Experience which I gained during those almost 5 years working in C.T.Co is precious, as all my daily activities require this experience. There is also a possibility to attend different worldwide conferences and certifications, which are very useful.  Everything that I have learned as a Test Engineer helps in my current position, because leading a project, leading a team, always requires a control, and it is not possible to control all the processes, if you don’t understand the core of them. Therefore technical skills are very welcome and I would say even required for Project Managers.

C.T.Co is a wonderful place for those people, who are interested in acquiring new knowledge every day. Since IT area is evolving very fast, everyone has to learn fast. There is a possibility to gain experience in worldwide projects and improve already acquired skills in IT.