iOS School 2013

We are glad to announce that our company is growing not only thanks to recruitment of the highly skilled professionals, but thanks to the education of IT students as well (of course also hired by our brave recruiters).

As of the 11th of February till the 8th of March a new iOS School was going on. The organization of the School took a lot of work and not only the coordination one. We’d like to highlight that this School was the first one mobile technologies – related School prepared and conducted by C.T.Co employees internally without any advice from external trainers so, it was quite challenging for the team of four iOS School trainers. First they had to invent the structure of the course and create all the training materials in addition to their primary responsibilities in projects. And then they had to acquire a new role and experience when teaching the students.

So, many thanks to the staring trainer team who prepared, reviewed and conducted the trainings. Trainers made an outstanding job, combining practical sessions with the real life examples in theory.

During the four weeks long cycle of theoretical and practical sessions three strongest students from the six initially selected for the School were employed. It’s worth mentioning that during the last two week the students prepared the prototype of working HR related software. This is a small iPad-based application enabling recruiters to create a base of candidates, cerate profiles of applicants, attach CVs and other related information, make structured notes during the interview etc.

So let’s welcome our new colleagues and wish them the professional growth in our company!

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