Java & Testing School 2016

Testing and Java schools were successfully finished during summer 2016. Subsequently, 8 young Test Engineers and 10 Java developers have joined our company. Our schools are like four weeks long marathons.

During the JAVA School our students got understanding of OOP Basics, JAVA Fundamentals, Servlet 3.0 and JSP and GWT basics. During the school big effort was put in team building activities working on various project in the small weekly-rotating teams. Such organization gives our students the rare expertise of not only development by the teamwork collaboration so important for the C.T.Co.

During the Testing school students have got acquainted with Specification analysis, Test case definition, Test case execution, Defect reporting, Test case automation (Selenium). In the four weeks of Testing School real work has been simulated in or Sand-Box project, trainees were able to get experience in typical situations Test Engineer work in on the daily basis. Such process, such simulations gives or students the best chances to star carrier in C.T.Co and assures simple integration within our project teams.

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